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Where to put the license file when upgrading to a new version of TSAMP

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When upgrading TSAMP from a new version or new release, can the new license file be installed by 'istallSAM' at the same time the product files are being updated ?


Once the install media is downloaded and extracted, there is a license directory off of the root directory of the installation media. For example, if you download and untar TSAMP into the /tmp directory on a Linux node, you should find a directory as follows:


This is the directory you would copy the license file to, for example the file called "sam32.lic".

If there is a try and buy license in the directory, delete it prior to copying in the full license. A example of a try and buy license would be:


Be sure that you put the full license file in place on all nodes where you are installing the new version as it will be required for each node installSAM is run on.

To verify the license is valid once installation is complete, check with following command :

samlicm -s

You should see similar output to the following:
node02:/share/db2/code # samlicm -s
Product: IBM Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms 3.2
Creation date: Wed Aug 19 00:00:01 2009
Expiration date: Thu Dec 31 00:00:01 2037

Again, you must ensure that the license file has been installed correctly on all nodes in the cluster, before bringing the cluster/domain online.

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