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Impact of mainframe processor upgrade from an IBM System z10 2098 model T04 to a model U04 on Classic products

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We are planning an upgrade of mainframe processor from an IBM System z10 2098 model T04 to a model U04 and need to know potential impact. Currently running is Classic Federation Server V9.5 RUP3 07152011.

Here are some questions about this upgrade:

1) Will the Classic products run under the new configuration?

2) Will the Classic products require any upgrades or fixes?

3) Will the Classic products require any new license keys to be applied?


Classic V9.5 RUP3 should not require any configuration changes, and not require any maintenance upgrades to be applied in the form of PTFs to support running on a U04. The CPU IDs will still be the same and not require any new CPU license keys to be applied as Classic does not use them. V9.5 does not use zIIP or zAAP processors so anything done there in this upgrade will not impact Classic.
However, software charges based on the total capacity of the LPAR on which Classic V9.5 is installed may need to be adjusted to the new capacity of a U04. This is because to get a license a Classic customer purchases entitlements based on the number of value units needed to run Classic in their CPU environment and for the specific resources they may be using (i.e., Adabas, DataCom, IDMS, IMS, VSAM). Classic V9.5 will still come up on the U04 using the old license, but should check with your IBM rep to verify if you may need to upgrade your Classic license for the new capacity.

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