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Different type of logging provided in SSDC (Sterling Sensitive Data Capture Server)

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Understanding the different type of logging provided in SSDC (Sterling Sensitive Data Capture Server)


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SSDCS includes basic logging functionality. However, user can change logging parameters in the log4j configuration XML file to control the location and level of the log files. A directory, <SSDCS_DIR>/log, is provided for storing the SSDCS log files. It is recommended that you set up an environment variable, such as SSDCS_LOG_DIR, to point to this location.

SSDCS provides the following log files, which can have different configurations:

ssdcs.log - Used for logging business logic issues, such as debugging and timing information. For example, the system records anything that happens in the servlet as part of the tokenization process.

ssdcs_security.log - Used exclusively for logging security issues. The SSDCS security logger records the activity of any malicious requests that are detected, such as unauthorized users attempting to log in.

ssdcs_esapi.log - Used for debugging the ESAPI setup. Both ESAPI internal classes and SSDCS extensions and implementations are logged here.

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