Interim Fixes are for Unix while Fix Packs are platform specific in Rational Synergy

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Why are separate Fix Packs provided for Solaris, AIX and Linux while Interim Fixes are combined in one installer for Unix in IBM Rational Synergy?


When searching for Rational Synergy Fix Packs and Interim Fixes on the IBM Fix Central page, confusion may arise from Fix Packs being available for Solaris, AIX and Linux, while Interim Fixes being available for Unix.


Fix Packs are generally released separately for Solaris, AIX and Linux because:

  • These may contain JRE (Java Runtime Environment) updates, which are large and platform specific.

  • To keep the Fix Pack size down.

Interim Fixes are generally released as a combined installer for Unix (i.e. one installer for Solaris, AIX and Linux) because:
  • These do not usually contain JRE (Java Runtime Environment) updates or other platform specific code. They are therefore generally much smaller in size than Fix Packs. If platform specific code is included then this is separated inside of the single Unix tar file.

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