The appliance might hang during a reboot sequence or an application domain restart sequence

Technote (troubleshooting)


The appliance might hang during an appliance reboot or during the restart of an application domain.


After an appliance or domain restart, the appliance can become unresponsive or can refuse connections. If the failure occurs during a domain restart, the CLI prompt never returns or the WebGUI returns a "page not found" error.


A race condition occurred while processing the start-up configuration.

Diagnosing the problem

After an appliance or domain restart, check the user interface for a hung state and check whether the appliance accepts application traffic.

Resolving the problem

Establish another SSH session from the command line or the serial port.

  1. Access any object configuration, and change its summary by adding a space.
  2. Enter exit to apply the change.

Any saved modification allows the start-up configuration to continue running until completion, which returns control back.

For example, changing the summary section of the default logging target:

xi52# co
Global configuration mode
xi52(config)# logging target default-log
Modify Log Target configuration
xi52(config logging target default-log)# summary "Default System Log " --> Notice the blank space after the word "Log"
xi52(config logging target default-log)# exit

The last command will trigger an object update.

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