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Problem with missing menus in IBM SPSS Statistics

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There are missing or incorrect menus within IBM SPSS Statistics.


Missing or incorrect menus.


There are two main causes of this problem within Statistics. First, many of the menu options are controlled by licensing and will not appear if you do not have the correct license to use the feature that appears missing.

If your license information is incorrect you may need to apply additional licenses to enable any missing modules. If you believe you have added the correct licenses then you may need to engage IBM SPSS Technical support for assistance.

The other frequent cause of this are problems in the registry. Statistics allows users to customize the menu's to a high extent and sometimes registry problems can cause menus to not appear properly. IBM SPSS Statistics stores per user settings at the following location in the system registry:


This example is for version 19, the location should be consistent for later versions, just replace the "19.0" with the appropriate version number.

Diagnosing the problem

You can check your license information by running the following Syntax:


For registry issues try renaming the "menus" key and then re-launching Statistics. If the problem is resolved then some problem in the registry was causing the issue.

Resolving the problem

If you are missing a license needed then please add it using the License Authorization Wizard. If you believe you have already added the needed license you may need to contact IBM Client Care or IBM SPSS Technical Support.

For registry related issues renaming the "menus" key is often the best solution. If the problem does not reoccur nothing more should be done. If the issue does happen repeatedly then you should report the problem to IBM SPSS Technical support for investigation.

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