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Unable to view ODBC Data Sources when connected to Modeler Server.

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ODBC data sources are not appearing after connecting to SPSS Modeler Server.


After connecting to SPSS Modeler Server, end-user is unable to view all of their ODBC data source definitions. Opening a DB SOURCE node will not list any DSN (User or System defined) created on the Modeler Server machine.

'messages.log' file from Modeler Server is showing the following:
Failed to open server socket (E3176: EInvalidSocketError (10013))


There was a conflict with the Listening Port of Modeler Server and the Ephemeral port range defined by the end-user. When the listening port (e.g. 28052) is within the ephemeral range (e.g. 28050 to 28070), SPSS Modeler is unable to open any further ports that are required for the ODBC connection.

For example,
Modeler Client makes connection to Modeler Server > port 28051 is used.
Modeler Client adds a DB SOURCE node onto the stream canvas. Tries to add a new DB Source > Modeler tries to open the next port within the ephemeral range, but instead, returns: "Failed to open server socket (E3176: EInvalidSocketError (10013))" is returned.
This is because the next port in the range (28052) is already in use.


Windows 64-bit for Client (Win 7) and Server (Win 2008 R2).
Modeler Server 64-bit
SPSS Data Access Pack (SDAP) 6.1 64-bit

Diagnosing the problem

Verify that Modeler Server and SDAP is installed as the same architecture level (i.e. both are either 64-bit or 32-bit).
Obtain Modeler Server log file for any invalid socket error messages. Default location is: \ModelerServer\<xx>\Log\
Verify that the Listening port and Ephemeral port ranges are not conflicting with each other.

Resolving the problem

If the Listening port is within the Ephemeral range, changes must be made to Modeler Server's 'options.cfg' file to resolve this issue.
The recommended solution is to change the Ephemeral port range to be outside the Listening Port. This can be done by the following steps:
* Using a text editor application, open the 'options.cfg' file from Modeler Server. Default location is:
* Change the min_port_range and max_port_range to be outside the Listening Port defined. E.g.
min_server_port, 30000
max_server_port, 30050
* Save your changes and then restart the SPSS Modeler Server service

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