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How to reduce the complexity of generated code in Rational Rhapsody

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How do you reduce the complexity of code generated for statecharts in IBM Rational Rhapsody?


You would like to reduce the code complexity which is due to the presence of inline functions.


You can use the property CG::Class::ComplexityForInlining to reduce the code complexity.

This property provides control over the degree to which Rhapsody uses inlining in place of function calls in the code generated for statecharts.

Higher the value of the property, more the instances of Rhapsody using inlining. If the value is set to 0, Rhapsody never uses inlining in place of function calls in the code generated. Increasing the value results in increased code size but can result in shorter code execution time.

Note: This property applies only to the Flat implementation scheme for statecharts.

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Modified date: 24 June 2013

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