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Process to follow when asking for enhancements or requests for new features for IBM Security QRadar products


The QRadar product team has joined all other IBM Security products in the Security Systems RFE (Request for Enhancement) Community.
QRadar customers now can use the RFE Community to submit and manage new product feature requests.

The RFE Community is simple to use. Access to the RFE Community is open to any IBM customer with an IBM ID. The Customer needs to specify a product or area while submitting a request. QRadar currently has 6 products/areas:

- QRadar Incident Forensics (QIF)
- QRadar Integration
- QRadar Log Manager (LM)
- QRadar Network Anomaly Detection (QNAD)
- QRadar Risk Manager (QRM)
- QRadar Security Information and Event Manager (SIEM)
- QRadar Vulnerability Manager (QVM)

Once a request is submitted, the QRadar product team will review the request and provide status as a decision is made on the request. By default, each request is created as private, which means a customer can only see the requests they have submitted.

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Security IBM Security QRadar Risk Manager
Security IBM Security QRadar Vulnerability Manager
Security IBM Security QRadar Log Manager
Security IBM Security QRadar Network Anomaly Detection

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