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Should I concern about the FNRPE2131090138E RPC token timeout errors in the IBM FileNet Process Engine log

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The IBM FileNet Process Engine log (pesvr_system.log) captured the following error messages:

2013/06/19 06:04:24.116-0400 9568444:WT=29 Reg#301 [Error] FNRPE2131090138E RPC token timeout ** (301) =P8PEService2UAT(0) [UTC: 1371636264, RPC: 1371636264(0), WS: 0, LG: 0] Tk(1371545964, 1440) orb_rpc_unlockSaveAndRedirect; Exception: Token timed out

The user should never see this error. The system should automatically re-logon the user.
at filenet.jpe.rpc.orb.OrbRPC.REPORT_TOKEN_TIMEOUT(
at filenet.jpe.rpc.orb.OrbRPC.authenticateUser(
at filenet.jpe.rpc.orb.OrbRPC.<init>(
at filenet.jpe.rpc.orb.ORBPERPC.orb_rpc_unlockSaveAndRedirect(

Should I concern about these error messages?


These are just informational messages and can be ignored.
These error messages indicate that the token timeout has been reached. When the token is timed out, users would have to log back in again. The token is intentionally set to have a 24-hour timeout. This is done as a security measure, so that the connection to the server is never kept open too long for something external to hijack the connection. In this case, it is compared with the database time.
UTC is the database time and Tk is the token time.

From the above example:
Tk: 1371545964GMT is converted to GMT Tue, 18 Jun 2013 08:59:24 UTC
UTC: 1371636264 is converted to GMT: Wed, 19 Jun 2013 10:04:24 UTC

Notice that the token time was stamped more than 24 hour before the current (then) database time. That was the reason for these types of message "FNRPE2131090138E RPC token timeout." The token timeout is completely normal and is nothing to worry about. The token is automatically refreshed by the PE and the end users will never even know it happened.

The token is part of the authentication framework for Process Engine API applications:
P8 5.1:

P8 4.5.1:

Please be ensure that the system clocks on all IBM FileNet P8 servers (CE, PE, AE, WorkplaceXT, CA, BPF...) and the Database servers were all in synchronized.

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