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onpload ipload HPL onpladm data looks corrupted and will not load

Technote (troubleshooting)


You used onpload, ipload, HPL, or onpladm to unload data from a table. You try to load it into your target table but no rows are loaded. You look at the file and see that it is not all readable, ASCII data but has control characters and is not very readable.


Look at your unload statement for options/flags that convert the data into a non-ASCII format. With onpladm look at the create unload job statement for a -n ( no conversion, fast job ) or -z flag like this:

onpladm create job test_table_unl1 -d /data/test_table1.unl -D testdb -t test_table -fu -n


onpladm create job test_table_unl2 -d /data/test_table2.unl -D testdb -t test_table -fu -z FI

Resolving the problem

Recreate the load job using the same options/flags related to the format of the data that were used in the unload job. Following previous examples the load jobs would look like this:

onpladm create job test_table_load1 -d /data/test_table1.unl -D testdb -t test_table -fl -n


onpladm create job test_table_load2 -d /data/test_table2.unl -D testdb -t test_table -fl -z FI

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