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How can I import CSV file incrementally in IBM Content Analytics?

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I add documents into a collection by importing CSV files in the Administration console. I want to import CSV file having new or updated records only. However, existing but un-updated records in the collection disappear after I import the CSV file. I do not want to remove existing records. How can I import new or updated records only?


To import CSV file incrementally:

  1. Open ES_NODE_ROOT/master_config/importer/ with a text editor
  2. Locate the following line

  3. Change it from true to false and save changes
  4. Restart ICA server with the following command

    esadmin system stop
    esadmin system start
  5. Ensure that you specify the same Import Space ID whenever importing CSV file with Administration console

Note: Once you set removeOldSpaceBeforeImport=false, the existing documents in the index will not be deleted automatically. Therefore, you need to delete the unnecessary documents manually if needed. To remove it, you can use CSV File Import History or Remove URIs from the Index on Administration console.

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