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Build and Deploy Reporting Components fails with error CRRRA2070E

Technote (troubleshooting)


When you install IBM Rational Insight, during the setup phase, the deployment of the reporting components fails with error CAM-CRP-1098.


You see the following error message on the setup wizard.

The reporting components could not be deployed due to an error. hide details
RRDIBIServerException: CRRRA2070E: Cannot run the Cognos configuration script. Refer to <IBM Rational Insight installation directory>/cognos/logs/cogconfig_response.csv for more detailed information.

The cogconfig_response.csv shows the following error.

IBM Cognos Configuration was unable to successfully use the cryptographic information with the current Java Runtime Environment located in <IBM WebSphere installation Directory>/AppServer/java/jre.
The cryptographic information may have been corrupted or IBM Cognos Configuration is not running with the Java Runtime Environment that generated the cryptographic information
[Validation] CAM-CRP-1098 Unable to find the common symmetric key with alias 'csk' in the keystore
'<IBM Rational Insight installation directory>/cognos/configuration/csk/jCSKKeystore'.


Possible causes are the following.

  • Cognos created the encryption keys were created against an older Java version. This version had a different the JAVA_HOME value.

  • The cryptographic information are corrupt.

Resolving the problem

  1. Navigate to <IBM Rational Insight installation directory>/cognos/configuration

  2. Backup and remove the following folders and file.


    signkeypair, csk,


  3. Run the setup again.

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