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db2support -m option terminates abnormally on DB2 UDB v10.5 SunOS v5

Technote (troubleshooting)


Running db2support -m option on DB2 UDB v10.5 SunOS v5 may terminate abnormally.
The issue might effect other versions of SunOS.

DB2 instances and databases running on the server are not effected.
Only db2support command terminates abonormally.


SunOS v5

Resolving the problem

Please refrain from using db2support -m option on SunOS in DB2 v10.5 until v10.5 Fix Pack 1 is released.

Document information

More support for: DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows
DB2 Tools - db2support

Software version: 10.5

Operating system(s): Solaris

Reference #: 1641376

Modified date: 18 November 2015

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