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Rational DOORS and Rational Directory Server integration: user roles are not retained after migration in SSS mode

Technote (troubleshooting)


When IBM Rational DOORS is configured in Server Side Security (SSS) mode, when you migrate users to the Rational Directory Server, the user roles are not retained. User roles default to Standard User.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install the Rational Directory Server (5.2.1 EGA) in Corporate mode and configure a corporate partition with a secured port using ADS as LDAP (port 636). 
  2. Install the Rational DOORS client, the Rational DOORS server and Rational DOORS Web Access on a single machine.
  3. Install the Rational DOORS client on another machine. This will be used as the Rational DOORS Web Access interoperation server.
  4. Configure Rational DOORS in SSS mode.
  5. Create several users and groups in Rational DOORS. Assign roles for the users and provide access rights in the project for those users and groups.
  6. Export the users and groups to XML in Corporate mode.
  7. Migrate the users and groups in Rational Directory Server.
  8. Configure Rational DOORS to Rational Directory Server in secured port 1636.
  9. Launch Rational DOORS client for the SSS server. Log in to DOORS with administrator permissions.   
  10. From the edit DXL interface, run following command: signTdsUsers()
  11. Restart broker,DOORS server and the interoperation server.
  12. Launch Rational DOORS and log in with administrator permissions.
  13. In the "Manage users" window, filter for all users. Note that all the Rational Directory Server users are listed successfully. Note that the selected user is migrated and the user role is retained as it was assigned in Rational DOORS with non-Rational Directory Server mode.
  14. Log in to Rational DOORS with user migrated to RDS.(Use a non-Administrator user, having some role assigned to it before connecting to RDS.) Note that the user is logged in as a Standard User.
  15. Log in as Administrator to check the role for the user that was tested in steps above. In the "Manage users" window, if you check the user role under test, the user role is not retained.

Expected Results
When the test user or the administrator logs in to Rational DOORS, the correct role should be assigned.

Actual Results

The user roles are displayed properly when administrator logs in to Rational DOORS. However, when the test user logs in, the user role is shifted to Standard User. Any subsequent attempt to check user roles with an administrator login also shows user roles as Standard User for the migrated users.


This issue was identified as a product defect and logged internally as defect 5372.

Resolving the problem


  1. Restart the Rational DOORS server and the interoperation server.
  2. Edit DXL interface and run following command:


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Modified date: 04 April 2018