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Rational Quality Manager(RQM) report does not display properly from Rational Test Workbench(RTW)/Rational Performance Tester(RPT) tests that are created using keywords

Technote (troubleshooting)


In RQM, when you click a RTW/RPT test result link that was triggered from the keyword functionality of RTW/RPT, the link can lead to reports that do not display correctly. The results work properly in RQM for RTW/RPT tests that are not triggered from keyword.


Discrepancies in the test results launched from RTW/RPT execution result view and RQM manual test execution viewer.

Also, security warnings might appear for the images and the report might be broken.


When RTW/RPT tests are executed through RQM, a series of report HTML files and image files are uploaded to RQM. The default RTW/RPT execution result viewer only shows the main HTML report links and does not show direct links to image files. When executing tests from RQM keywords, the RQM manual test execution viewer shows links to all the HTML assets including image files and navigation HTML files. This discrepancy causes confusion as to what report link should be selected to view the main HTML report.

Also, when you click the report links that are generated from keyword execution, they are treated as file downloads. They do not open as hyper-linked HTML documents within the same browser. If the browser used to view RQM is different than the one the client has set to handle 'html' file types, then that different browser will be launched on the client system to view the html report. Additionally, since the newly launched browser might not have accepted the RQM servers certificate -- security warning will appear for all the images and the report will be broken.


Executing RTW/RTP keyword tests through RQM

Resolving the problem


  • Ensure that the web browser that you use for RQM is same as your system specifies as the default html file handler.
  • If the RQM system uses a self signed certificate, ensure that the certificate is imported into your browsers list of trusted certificates. This process varies from browser to browser but documentation is widely available online.
  • When looking at the list of available report links in RQM, choose the one containing the test name and ending in html. Do not choose image files.
  • If the report is downloaded and the images contain security warnings, make sure to accept those certificates.
  • If possible, use Google Chrome.
  • Alternatively, execute tests in RQM using RTW script types directly.

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