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Can I have the start/stop timer automatically change work order status?


Typically, ‘starting’ a work order involves two initial steps; starting the labor timer to track the amount of labor time and setting the work order status to INPRG (In Progress).

‘Completing’ the work order usually involves stopping the labor timer so the labor transaction will be complete and changing the status of the work order to complete.
Since these two steps are needed on almost every work order, there needed to be a way for mobile workers to do this in one simple step.

There are three system level settings for how the Start and Stop Labor Timers should behave, These are located in the Organizations Application under System Settings.

Change status to INPRG when the Start Timer is pressed?
MAXVAR – STARTTIMERINPRG - Allows the client to determine if starting the labor timer should put the work order INPRG if it is not already.
When turned off, the Start Timer button just starts the labor timer and creates a labor transaction.
When turned on, when the timer is started on a work order, the work orders status will be changed to INPRG if it was APPR.
If the status is anything other than APPR or a synonym of APPR, then the status change will not occur.

Should the default behavior be to Complete the work order when you stop the timer?
MAXVAR – STOPTIMERCOMP – Allows the client to define the default action on the Stop Timer Confirmation Dialog.
This STOPTIMERCOMP maxvar just sets the default value.
A user can choose if they want the status changed to COMP when they actually stop the labor timer by checking or unchecking the Complete Work Order checkbox on the Confirmation dialog
This checkbox determines if the work order’s status will be set to COMP when you stop the timer and the confirmation page is NOT displayed.

Should the Stop Timer Confirmation page be displayed?
MAXVAR – CONFIRMLABTRANS - Clients can choose whether or not to have the confirmation page displayed when a user Stops the Labor Timer.
If they choose to NOT display the confirmation page, the user will not have the ability to modify the start or finish times of the labor transaction.
It will be saved at the exact times they clicked the Start Timer and Stop Timer.
They will also not be allowed to choose whether or not the work order will also have its status changed to complete.
The default will always be taken from STOPTIMERCOMP.

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