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Decision Management installation fails.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to install Decision Management unsuccessful. Following error in the engine.log:

Jun 10 2013 14:30:16 INFO : Unsecured database connection was
unsuccessful, attempting with SSL.
Jun 10 2013 14:30:22 INFO : Secured database connection failed:
spssoem.jdbc.oraclebase.ddd0: [SPSSOEM][Oracle JDBC Driver]SSL
handshake failed: Remote host closed connection during handshake


The repository's database password has expired.

Diagnosing the problem

1. Attempted to connect to C&DS via Deployment Manager (client or browser.) That was unsuccessful.

2. Logged in to the repository's database with the userid / password. Found that the password had expired.

Resolving the problem

The Content Repository's database password had expired. That is the credentials used by C&DS to access its' defined database.

For more information you can reference the C&DS 5.0 'RepositoryConfig.pdf'. Look for the section entitled, "Changing master database password". Be aware cliDBpassword is mistyped within the documentation and should be cliUpdateDBpassword.

As an example in Unix:

Executed the This will prompt for a new password. It will then prompt to verify the password. Stop the C&DS server and restart it using

Document information

More support for: Analytical Decision Management

Software version: 7.0

Operating system(s): Linux

Reference #: 1641207

Modified date: 25 April 2014

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