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During installation of Sterling Connect:Direct Windows 4.6 Fixpack 3 Secure+ is activated.

Technote (troubleshooting)


Secure+ is activated after performing a custom installation of Sterling Connect:Direct Windows Fixpack 3 with additional TRANSFORM tasks embedded to an existing Sterling Connect:Direct Windows installation where Secure+ was previously deactivated.


Transfers fail with the error:

The Secure+ parmfiles have not been initialized.


A custom MSI transform had been used during the base installation of Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows The transform did hide the SecurePlus feature in way that the fix pack later on was unable to determine its install state. As a result, the default applied and Secure+ got enabled.

MSI transforms are not supported with Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows.


Sterling Connect:Direct Windows or later is installed.

Secure+ is not installed.

Diagnosing the problem

You are experiencing the issue when the fix pack log (CDWinPatch.log) does not list SecurePlus along the features found by MigrateFeatureStates, i.e. a line like the following is missing:

MSI (s) (E4:F0) [17:54:28:468]: MigrateFeatureStates: based on existing product, setting feature 'SecurePlus' to 'Absent' state.

Later on the SecurePlus feature is shown as currently not being installed (Absent) and requested to be installed locally:

MSI (s) (24:D8) [15:19:15:499]: Feature: SecurePlus; Installed: Absent;   Request: Local;   Action: Local

Resolving the problem

To disable Secure+ during an installation of Sterling Connect:Direct for Windows, specify the following argument on the installer command line:

"ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=SecurePlus,Symbols"

Document information

More support for: Sterling Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows

Software version: 4.6

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1641177

Modified date: 09 July 2013

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