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After a XMI import, there are unresolved profiles

Technote (troubleshooting)


When you import a model into IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA) that was exported as XMI, some profiles are marked as unresolved in the "Profiles" tab of the "Properties" view.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Export a UML model that refers to one or more of RSA's profiles (such as the SoaML or the XSD Profile profiles) and make sure to check the Recreate ID option

  2. Export another UML model that refers to at least one of the profiles the first model refers to and make sure to check the Recreate ID option

  3. Import the both profiles, one after the other into the same project and make sure to check the Recreate ID option

  4. Go to the Profiles tab in the Properties view of one of the model elements of the first model on which a profile is applied that was referred to by both models

  5. Notice that the profile names is postfixed with the (Unresolved) string of characters, that its Release Label and its location are empty, but that its version is accurate


When you check the Recreate ID option, the ID of the profiles you export is changed to a new one.

In addition, when you import the same profiles twice for two different models in the same project, the profiles of the second model will overwrite the ones of the first model.

If the Recreate ID option is checked, the profiles of the second model will not be recognized by element of the first models, as they will not have the ID the elements of the first model expect.

Resolving the problem


Make sure to uncheck the Recreate ID option, both when you import and when you export your models, That way, in the new project, both models will refer to the same IDs when referring to the profiles they share, and the profile will not be marked as unresolved.

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