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Documentation updates are available for InfoSphere Streams Version 3.1



IBM® periodically makes documentation updates available for the local and web versions of the information center.


The IBM InfoSphere Streams Version 3.1 documenation is up to date here:

The local copies of the information center that are included in Version 3.1 Fix Pack 1 are also up to date.

If you want to update your current copy of the information center, you can download the documentation updates:

  1. Launch the information center.
    Note: The update function is only available in the stand-alone mode. You must launch the information center using instead of using
  2. Click Update () on the toolbar. You will see a list of installed documentation sets.
  3. Click Next to see a list of updates that you can install.
  4. Select the documentation that you intend to install, and then click Install Updates.
    The documentation updates are not cumulative, so you must select all of the updates to have an up-to-date information center.
  5. Click Finish when the installation is finished.
    In general, you do not need to restart the information center because it refreshes automatically.

If you installed the information center on a computer that does not have access to the internet, you can update the information by copying the documentation updates to a media device like a CD or USB flash drive. For more information, see the following section in a local IBM InfoSphere Streams Version 3.1 Information Center: Info Center Home > Using the information center > Updating information centers on computers with no network access.

For a summary of contents of the documentation update, see the "Documentation updates" topic in the Product overview section of the information center.

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