User running into problem with Essentials for Python2.7 installation on AIX

Technote (troubleshooting)


I have installed Python2.7 and Essentials for Python2.7 on AIX. I'm encountering an error and I cannot get python to work.

Error Message:

>>> import sys
>>> import spss
Illegal instruction(coredump)

Resolving the problem

Now if users want to install the Python2.7 on AIX, they only need to run the following steps after the C/C++ compiler ready:

Make sure that the system environment variable PATH include C/C++ compiler bin folder.

Use the command: echo "python.exp" > ./Modules/python.exp to create the file python.exp under the Modules folder.

Configure Python with the following command:
/configure --with-universal-archs="64-bit" --enable-universalsdk
--with-gcc="xlc_r -q64" --with-cxx-main="xlc++_r -q64" --disable-ipv6
AR="ar -X64" CFLAGS="-qrtti=all -qopt=3 -qstrict -qlibansi -qthreaded
-bexpall -brtl" LDFLAGS="-L. -Wl,-brtl -qrtti=all -bshared" CXX="xlc++_r-q64" --enable-shared --prefix=<PYTHON_HOME>

Run "make" command
Run "make install" command

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