Problems installing WCM Multilingual Solution (wcm_mls) using the SolutionInstaller

Technote (troubleshooting)


Problems installing WCM Multilingual Solution (wcm_mls) using the SolutionInstaller

Resolving the problem

Few things to check:

1. You need to ensure that the prerequisite WCM cumulative ifix is installed BEFORE trying to install the MLS otherwise the installation will fail and/or be incomplete The MLS only supports two tiers of configuration libraries (ie. one Localized Configuration file and optionally many Regionalized Configuration files) per set of multilingual libraries. The master library of each Regionalized configuration file should be listed in the base Localized configuration file


WCM CCF17 + APAR PM73308 + Portal Solution Installer

2. Make sure paa directory exist

3. Make sure solution installer and paa offering has been registered correctly in registry.xml.

4. Check for one or more conflicting jars in AppServer/lib/ext. By removing all of them, restart the portal server and install mls using

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