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Impact of moving DXL scripts from one Operating System to another

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What is the impact of moving from one Operating System to another with respect to DXL scripts in IBM Rational DOORS?


You would like to know if there is anything to consider while moving DOORS DXL scripts from one Operating System to another so that there is no issues in using DXL scripts after movement.


Changing the server Operating System will not affect DXL scripts, since DXL runs entirely on the client side.

Changing the client Operating System could potentially have some effect, since the exact functionality provided by each Operating System can vary.


The use of the registry perms may need to be modified if the registry paths required are different on the new Operating System. Similarly, the new Operating System may not provide the same functionality that is used in the system() perm. Such problems could also potentially happen with file handling code, if this varies across Operating systems.

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