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Changes to Service Request Process and Entitlement for IBM PureData System for Analytics Appliances



To more quickly and accurately address your issues, we are making an important change to our IBM Software Appliance Service Request process.


What’s changing and why:

Previously, you provided only your IBM Customer Number (ICN) to open Service Requests for your IBM PureData System for Analytics Appliance. To enable IBM Support Engineers to more quickly address your issue, you will now also need to provide your Serial Number when opening Service Requests.

Since most customers own multiple Appliances under the same IBM Customer Number (ICN), the addition of the Serial Number field will allow our Support Engineers to know exactly which parts are used in your Appliance, saving time and improving accuracy as we address your issue.

How to find your Serial Number:

Please refer to the technote below to determine how to get the Serial Number from your Appliance:

Update your list of Preferred Products:

When opening a Service Request through the Service Request Tool, you will continue to start the process by selecting your product. However you may find that the product names have slightly changed to distinguish between older, legacy TwinFin/N1001 models that are using 6 blades verses later version TwinFin/N1001 models with 7 blades. For more details see this link. The naming convention will be as follows:

  • Older model TwinFin: PureData System for Analytics N1001-xxx Legacy HW (Netezza TwinFin-xxx)
  • Later model TwinFin: PureData System for Analtyics N1001-xxx

Due to these name changes, your Preferred Products list in Service Request will be obsolete. Please delete all current products, perform a search for currently entitled products using the search term 'PureData System for Analytics' to view all C1000/N1001/N200x products. Add those products to your Preferred Products list. Use the search term 'Netezza' to add your Skimmer products to your Preferred Product list. Entitlements will not be changing for Mustang systems. You can use the search term 'NPS' to add those products to your Preferred Products list.

You can find more information about product selection here.

How to provide your Serial Number in Service Request:

After selecting your product, a new screen will then prompt you for the Serial Number. As the instructions note, you only need to start typing in Machine Type or the seven character Serial Number and a drop down list of Machine Type/Serial Numbers will appear. Note that PureData System for Analytics appliance Serial Numbers start with the letters "NZ" or the numbers "78". Select the Serial Number of the machine you are opening the Service Request for and the corresponding IBM Customer Number (ICN).

Typing something other than what is available in the drop down list will delay in processing your Service Request.

It is important that you select one of the machine type/serial numbers listed in the drop down list. If you do not see the serial number you are looking for then you may have chosen the incorrect product name in the previous step or the IBM Customer Number (ICN) associated with the machine is not in your IBM ID profile.

Transition from Customer Entitlement to System Entitlement:

The addition of Serial Number to Service Request is part of a larger transition of all IBM Software Appliances from Customer Entitlement to System Entitlement.

Appliances will gradually transition to System Entitlements through July 2014. If you have two or more Appliances and they transition on different dates, you will have to provide different information in the Service Request Tool:

Entitlement Type Information required in Service Request
Customer Entitlement (Pre-Transition) IBM Customer Number (ICN)
System Entitlement (Post-Transition) IBM Customer Number (ICN)
Serial Number
Once the transition is complete in July 2014, all Appliances will have System Entitlements and will require IBM Customer Number (ICN) and Serial Number to open Service Requests.

If you need assistance:

If you encounter any issues contacting IBM Support for your PureData System for Analytics Appliance, please contact our Client Care team at for assistance.

Additional Reference Material:

Updated 7/7/2014

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