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Setting WebSphere Logging Options

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Maximo and other TPAE products commonly use WebSphere SystemOut logs to capture runtime events. Setting logs to roll once per day with a count of 7 or changing the size to 20MB with a count of 168 can be valuable in capturing 7 days.


Default Logging Limits Trend and Historical Analysis


To set WebSphere logs to roll once per day, follow the procedures below. Note that using the other options on these screens the file size can be used to control rolling as well.

NOTE: The JVM that these settings are applied to (WAS Application Server Instance) must be restarted for the settings below to take affect.

1) Log into the WebSphere Console

2) Select => "Servers" => "Application Servers" => {your server name}

3) Under the section "Server Infrastructure", expand the section "Java and Process Management"
4) Select => "Process Definition"

5) Under the section "Additional Properties" select "Logging and Tracing"

6) Under the section "General Properties" select "JVM Logs"

7) Under the Section "General Properties" complete the settings for the logs. You can select by time or by size or both. It is recommended to keep file sizes under 20MB for performance, transmission, and management. By setting file size to 20MB and count to 168 you can capture a weeks worth of logs as long as an hour of logs is less than 20MB.

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