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Cannot view all types in Cognos Reports in Social Media Analytics (SMA)

Technote (troubleshooting)


In the Reporting dashboard, the Types & Concepts data tree may display less types than the total number of configured types. In version 1.2.X of SMA (using 10.1.1.X of IBM Cognos), no More... link is provided to load more. In other SMA versions, the More... link is provided but after clicking it several times, the data tree reaches a maximum and cannot load more.

Resolving the problem

The default and maximum numbers of displayed items can be configured through IBM Cognos Connection settings:

1. From the Reporting dashboard, navigate to Launch > IBM Cognos Connection in the top navigation bar while logged in as System administrator user (e.g. default user is cogadmin).

2. Click the More... link next to the package belonging to the project you wish to configure. By default this package will be named <projectName>_Package.

3. Click New package configuration....

Note that if the package configuration has already been modified, the link will instead say Modify the package Configuration....

4. Change the Default member limit in a data tree level to the value of your choice. Ideally, this is the total number of types that you have configured. This sets the total number of types that will display in the Types & Concepts tree.

If you are using versions of SMA prior to or later than 1.2.X, and you are able to see the More... link in Cognos Reports, you may wish to load your types in subsets rather than all at once in order to shorten load times. To do this, you can set the Default member limit in a data tree level value to an arbitrarily low value (for instance 20), and set the Maximum member limit in a data tree level to a value greater than or equal to your total number of configured types.

5. Run the report and you will see all items as configured.

Document information

More support for: Social Media Analytics

Software version: 1.2

Operating system(s): Linux

Reference #: 1640657

Modified date: 18 June 2013