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Operational Decision Manager Interim Fixes

Preventive Service Planning


Use interim fixes to address issues found in Operational Decision Manager.


Use the following list to find the interim fixes for your version of Operational Decision Manager. Each link takes you to an index page that lists the available interim fixes for a series of releases under a major release.

IF Index pages:

About the interim fixes:

  • Existing interim fixes are included in the fix packs for the releases.
  • Each interim fix addresses one or more issues.
  • Multiple interim fixes can be installed for the same release.
  • Check the associated installation readme to determine whether an interim fix is incompatible with another fix or supersedes another fix.
  • Each interim fix gets a number in a sequence of numbers for a release. The sequence usually starts with IF001.
  • The naming convention for the interim fixes is V.R.M.F-WS-<Component>-<os>-IFnnn<revision>:
    • V.R.M.F: The product number showing the version, release, mod, and fix pack.
    • WS: WebSphere
    • <Component>: The targeted component:
      • ODM_DS: Decision Server
      • ODM_DC: Decision Center
      • ODM_DSI: Decision Server Insights
      • ODM_DSE: Decision Server Events
      • ODM_DSR: Decision Server Rules
      • ODM_ER: Embedded Rules (Business Rules Embedded)
      • ODM_JDK: JDK updates
      • ODM: Decision Server and Decision Center
    • <os>: Multi for all the operating systems, or AIX, HPUX, Linux, or Win for dedicated fixes.
    • IFnnn: IF for interim fix, and nnn for the sequence number.
    • <revision>: A letter (A-Z) that indicates an update in the interim fix.

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Modified date: 04 March 2019