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Implementing login session sharing in IBM Rational Change

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Using IBM Rational Change users are required to login every time they try to access
the Rational Change URL. Rational Change does not maintain login status.


When users access the Rational Change URL, they are required to login every time.


This is the default behavior.


IBM Rational Change servers.

Diagnosing the problem

If a user has to login each time a new tab is selected or a new instance of a browser is selected, you know that this option is not implemented.

Resolving the problem

Rational Change can now maintain the user login status for a period of time that is adjustable.

This feature is disabled by default.

The feature became available for 5.2 in patch IFIX01.

Follow these directions to allow the users to get to the Change homepage without reentering

1) In the WEB-INF/wsconfig/pt.cfg configuration file, add this tag:


2) In the file, specify the session sharing expiry period, For example:

util.shared_session.expiry_period_mins = 30.

3) Restart Change.

If users are logged into one tab of the browser and they try to log into another tab within the session sharing time-out period, they can access the home page without retyping their login credentials.

If users want to change the database, they can switch to a new database from the home page.

If users want to login with a different role, they must log out of Rational Change and login with a new role.

Note: This is not applicable for admin interface.

When users close the browser tab and then try to login from a new tab or a new instance of the same browser within the timeout period, they can do so without retyping their login credentials.

Sessions are invalidated when users log out of Rational Change.

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