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InfoSphere Information Server, Version 9.1.2, Fix List

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Summary of fixes included in IBM InfoSphere Information Server, Version 9.1.2, with fixes grouped by components


The following list of APARs are included in InfoSphere Information Server, Version 9.1.2. Please note that 9.1.2 is cumulative service thus contains all fixes from 9.1 fix pack 1. However, the fix list itself is not cumulative. To see the list of fixes included from fix pack 1, refer to the following document:
InfoSphere Information Server, Version 9.1 Fix Pack 1, Fix List

Before installing this maintenance level, check your Version.xml file in the InformationServer directory to confirm if you have installed any InfoSphere Information Server 9.1 patches which are not included in 9.1.2. If you have installed a patch that does not appear in either this 9.1.2 fix list or the 9.1 fix pack 1 fix list, then do not install the 9.1.2 upgrade yet. Contact IBM Technical support to obtain a new patch which can be installed on top of 9.1.2 so that you do not experience loss of functionality as a result of applying this update.

*For fixes that have an asterisk after the Fix ID, if you want to use them in your jobs, refer to the following document:
InfoSphere Information Server Version 9.1 fixes that require post-install steps.

Rollup Patches included in InfoSphere Information Server, Version 9.1.2
For convenience, the following table lists special patches included in 9.1.2 which may have been installed prior to 9.1.2. They are listed using the patch name which will appear in the Version.xml file, to make it easier to identify which of your patches are included in the fix pack.

Information Server 9.1.2 Rollup Patches
Patch Name Description
rollup_RU1_imam_all_9100-9101 Metadata Asset Manager Rollup Patch 1
rollup_RU2_imam_all_9100-9101 Metadata Asset Manager Rollup Patch 2
rollup_RU1_mib_win_9100-9101 Metadata Integration Bridges Rollup Patch 1
rollup_RU2_mib_win_9100-9101 Metadata Integration Bridges Rollup Patch 2
rollup_RU1_MWB_all_9100-1 Metadata Workbench Rollup Patch 1

Fixed APARS included in InfoSphere Information Server, Version 9.1.2

ASB Packs
Fix ID
XML Input Stage throws the error "When reusing the Grammar, no internal subset is allowed" when DTDs are used.
XML Importer replaces underscore(_) with double underscore(__) in column names while saving the table definition.
WSDL Importer unable to import the web service definitions when there are multiple schemas with the same target namespace.
XML Input Stage job aborts on non-NLS environment while processing output link column information.
WSDL Importer does not create all the elements in the web service input and output table definitions.

Business Glossary
Fix ID
XML import of data exported from 8.7 with custom attributes fails
Export of development glossary is not happening with the short notation -dev
BG 9.1 RU1 Undefined error occurred when browsing categories.
Add comment button to gui - Dossier and asset list. Add to WorkflowResource a service that assigns a comment "event" to assets, using history log
Workflow development log and workflow role enhancements
Installing the BG plugin causes the "show related" IDA option to disappear

Fix ID
Cannot access Sybase table with column name greater than 30 characters
Netezza Connector server canvas jobs hang intermittently on windows platform when they process zero rows
Bulk-load on a partitioned database fails to insert all the rows when graphic is used as a partitioning key
A DB2 API stage containing a '?' in user-defined SQL migrated to a DB2 Connector using CMT fails to run on a Server Canvas.
MQ Connector read jobs are failing with the following MQ error MQRC_WRONG_MD_VERSION intermittently
ODBC Operator locks system catalog before first wave with DB2 9.5 or prior database in RTI jobs.
Informix-EE read stage adds extra spaces for varchar column.
Connector Stage Editor freezes or takes longer time to open with certain complex SQL queries
DB2EE supports CLOB datatype with max limit to 60K bytes in load operators.
ODBC Connector fails to populate referenced table and column information in MDI from Netezza Database
Support for VARBINARY and ST_GEOMETRY types in Netezza Connector
DB2 Connector doesn't check whether the table is in Load Pending state before initiating clean-up
Teradata Connector performance is slower in Write Mode for processing big decimal data
Teradata Connector - read job fails with Framework returned error for conversion from string to calendar
Netezza Operator doesn't log all the ODBC Error messages
IMAM using DB2 Connector to import, fetches non-existing duplicate columns from tables whose names are separated by wild-character
"Test" and "View Data" from connector stage editor fail when using job parameters whose value have character ']' in it.
ODBC EE job failed with error String data code page conversion failed. Error in parameter 1. (0)
Connector jobs on server canvas throws arithmetic overflow warning even after the values gets loaded correctly
New Function: Add Data Masking Stage to Information Server 9.1
In DB2API, the "Delete and Insert" to a table, does not log error in the event of non existing columns.
View Data on table having bool type is failing in Netezza Connector
CMT is not populating User-Defined SQL statement from TDMload to Connector on Server Canvas.
CMT- Populating Macro Database Value in Teradata CC based on the TDMLoad Stage Properties
CMT - Does not replace Plugin format of Column variables to Orchestrate format in User defined SQL
Connection closed abnormally messages are seen in the Sybase IQ logs while connecting through Sybase Enterprise stage.
DB2 API plugin throws invalid warning messages regarding data truncation
Metadata import from Sybase through IA is failing
Connectors on server canvas fails to load string representation of calendar data.
DB2Z operator generating wrong load statement when a single partition is being targeted.
DB2 Connector in DB2 for z/OS (a) Hangs/slow loading partitioned table, (b) Does not read partitioned table in parallel
Connector Migration Tool not migrating Direct=False from Oracle EE environment variable APT_ORACLE_LOAD_OPTIONS.
Oracle Connector bulk load job abends during job termination
The OCI Plugin SQLBUILDER tool is generating incorrect SQL query in regards to a date column
Move rowid range partition calculation from player nodes to snapshot in conductor node
Oracle OCI bulk load plugin may hang or crash
PL/SQL Oracle Connector job aborts with ORA-01460 message when using the 9.1 Big Buffer feature
Oracle Operator returns error: Undefined Symbol: CLOCK_GETTIME with Oracle 11G R2 Client
Oracle Connector job with large schema/arraysize fails with APT_BADALLOC when using Big Buffer API
Enabled "importing views" in the Oracle Connector for InfoSphere Metadata Asset Manager
Oracle Connector Import Wizard fails for importing synonyms
Initialization of Oracle Connector crashes when there are large values in NLS_DATABASE_PARAMETERS variable
Warning messages in Oracle Operator removed
Oracle CC fails when ROWID or ROWNUM pseudo-columns used in WHERE clause
Oracle Connector not maintaining degree of parallelism when rebuilding indexes.
Memory allocation failed for 8,000,000 bytes when doing View Data in Oracle Connector
Sybase DRS stage for IS 8.7 has been compiled with Sybase SDK 12.5 while support matrix says that IQ 15.3 is certified
Oracle EE should migrate to OraCC with Parallel Clause set to Preserve Degree of Parallelism
Connector Migration Tool - Upgrade mode - Error when XMLProperty Value encountered.
Regression on Sybase DRS Plugin caused by upgrade to Sybase OCS-15 API with patch for APAR JR46025.
*To use this fix in your jobs, refer to InfoSphere Information Server Version 9.1 fixes that require post-installation steps

Balance Optimizer
Fix ID
If link names in the original job have more than 30 characters, running an optimized job raises the message 'ORA-00972-ERROR: IDENTIFIER IS TOO LONG'
Job with user defined SQL having select statement like "select *..." is failing to create right optimized SQL
8701 Job with user defined SQL fails to optimize due to different case sensitivities of column names in user query and stage level column names
Job Optimization of JAQL QUERY GENERATION > STAGE > OUTPUTS, generates unnecessary JAQL statements.
Job Optimizer can not optimize a job if it contains table names constructed with job parameters
DataStage Job optimization does not generate correct SQL when a job include the Remove Duplicates stage.
Optimizer fails to populate generated target JAQL query to the final target HDFS file when a dummy Copy stage is pushed into a target BDFS stage.
DataStage Balanced Optimization performance enhancement request regarding JAQL queries

Fix ID
Output Message Id with dsjob -logdetail
DataStage support for explicit partitioning for binary keys
The RT_STATUS# file periodically get corrupted
EngMonApp error - This column type is not currently supported by this driver.
Multiple lookup tables allow duplicate entries (allow_dups) script incorrectly assumes dsenv does not produce output. Leading to incorrect hostname in DSODB.HOST table
Incorrect row counts displayed in Operations Console under heavy load
A call to an OLE server has failed, or a runtime error occurred within the old server itself
Performance improvements for the Designer Canvas control.
dsjob -linvocations behaves differently across platforms
Issue with quoting in the script in deployment packages
Compile error does not occur even if there are stages have the same name
Decimal become unsigned and packed decimal after imported via Orchestrate
Using the non-default port can cause a situation that allows unintended access to a DataStage project
Incorrect 0 row counts reported for successful parallel job run
Parameter Set: encrypted field value is not always displayed as "****"
DataStage dataset view data returns all records instead of user defined set.
Allow the ability to shut off "Saving Job Designs" for the administrative user.
A Job instance id may be omitted from the DataStage job log view (ctrl-L) when operational metadata is being generated
Request to shorten DSAttachJob minimum timeout when unable to obtain lock
Parallel jobs with Basic transformer fail intermittently with dspipe_init() errors.
Problem with DSX Export where not all jobs exported and no errors reported
DSAdmin command with -envset option takes a significant amount of time to complete
Custom job control code supports implicit inheritance of ParameterSet values, this doesn't work when controlled job has an invocation id.
Import of pre-7.5 jobs onto 8.x system through DSXImportService looses lookup stage derivations
Increase SyncProject timeout to handle very large projects
Notification of job status change after compile is being lost, resulting in Director status view showing incorrect status
Stage variable links in Designer do not render correctly when a stage variable at top of table references a column further down
The osh part of parallel jobs require different PATH/LIBPATH settings from before/after subroutines and job control code.
dsjob returns status 97 when WLM server returns the wrong information.
Suppress and demote MetaData mismatch warnings of column.type, column.scale, column.precision
Clear Job Status causing error "Cannot find any process number for stages in job . . ."
Hash file stage cannot backup a file if the directory path value contains a trailing "/".
Simultaneous compilation of parallel jobs, which use overlapping sets of parallel routines, may deadlock
The istool 'odbadmin -purgedb -upto nn days' does not work if nn is greater than 25
Stage icons are replaced with the icon of unknown-plugpin in a local container after closed in Designer
DataStage: Error "The current user does not have the required DataStage roles set up"
After upgrade to 9.1, object search button not working.
Change the order in which Ops Console lists the file systems
8.5 and later login dialog is not resizable
RT_STATUS for multi-instance jobs not getting cleared when auto-purge clears job logs
dsjob linkinfo option has rowcount defined as intger limiting its range
Server routine is not working when it was called via sequencer
DSGetLinkInfo(DSJ.INSTROWCOUNT) returns 0 row count when called from parallel job AfterJob subroutine
Problem saving jobs with new installation of DataStage 9.1 clients running on non-English locales
Data can be being corrupted when moved between different data types without issuing a warning justification
Job Sequence fails at 9.1 that worked in previous versions.
*To use this fix in your jobs, refer to InfoSphere Information Server Version 9.1 fixes that require post-installation steps

DataStage Engine
Fix ID
Porting of Unidata-stage to Linux-64-bit
DataStage Jobs are running with NT Authority/SYSTEM credentials, when run via "dsjob" command without supplying credentials, on Windows Server 2008.
DataStage job log may have garbled environment variable values
ICONV("ÅSA","S") is returning ?00
*To use this fix in your jobs, refer to InfoSphere Information Server Version 9.1 fixes that require post-installation steps

DataStage MainFrame
Fix ID
Mainframe job fails when compiling in mainframe after being generated with 8.7.

DataStage Parallel Engine
Fix ID
IS 8.7 PX job fails with error code 139 (core dump) when OSH_PRINT_SCHEMAS is enabled.
The parallel engine copy-orchdist does not copy the files used by XML (Java) Stage
ASCL Charset maps disappear in the list of NLS parallel maps after a custom map is registered on Windows.
Parallel Engine sometimes fails to propagate partitioning keys properly from a key-based operator to downstream operators
Parallel framework is incorrectly clearing the preserve partitioning flag when an operator reads from a persistent dataset
Multiple-output parallel  transformer looping jobs incorrectly send cached input records to output link with constraints
Jobmon does not work on French Locale installations.
Parallel jobs which use End of Wave and which contain the pivot operator fail when APT_DISABLE_COMBINATION is FALSE
The parallel pivot stage gives a warning "STRING '00:00:00'FOR TIMESTAMPS DOES NOT MATCH THE ACTUAL FORMAT" when the timestamp has a microseconds.
Parallel Engine Slowly Changing Dimension (SCD) stage can create incorrect duplicate records when OLD_BOUNDED_LENGTH is enabled.
Rapidly repeating the same parallel job can cause job failures with the message "FAILURE DURING SCORE LOAD WITH APT_ARCHIVE::BADPOINTER" when loading temporary files.
Parallel transformer stage does incorrect evaluation of derivations which contain complex usage of functions inside IF conditions.
Parallel transformers with many stage variables and complex derivations may compile with incorrect NULL checking code.
Buffer operator failed to write all data and didn't abort the job.

Fix ID
'DiscoverMore' and 'Statistics' features fail with NullPointerException when BG term used in the Mapping Specification is deleted
Improper parsing of CSV while export and import MappingSpecifications with columns having comma(,) in FastTrack
Server name is not persistent on update for Oracle Connector in FastTrack Source Configuration
Database Connections created from DataStage are visible in FastTrack but not usable
FastTrack incorrectly exports MappingSpecification to CSV when all columns are not selected for export

Information Analyzer
Fix ID
Column Profile report fails on selecting large number of columns
Column Analysis performance is impacted when Virtual Column has "," or "." or "-" or "/" or ":" or "" as field separator.
Using CLI to output a Rule set execution history, generates a csv file that does not contain any results
Null pointer exception with edit column details During Identify Flat Files
Information Analyzer does not allow more then 30 characters in the output column names of Data Rules and Rule Set
Supporting database alias for DB2 IADB
Expected Foreign Key pair in Cross Domain Analysis not found
Rule Set is incorrectly validated when output definition parameter is blank or null.
Using IAAdmin to move projects does not bring over the long and short descriptions for folders, sub-folders, and rule artifacts
Metrics Exported into a XML File Using IAADMIN does not include non-default folder information
Database connection leakage against Netezza source database while running Column Analysis
Repeated Use Of with getOutputTable option generates empty result in the output
Remove schema reconciliation warning messages during IA data rule execution
Importing datarule spread over different folders and subfolder from Information Analyzer console fails with exception
Date data type column showing wrong value in IAAdmin getOutputTable command output with getOutputTable option results in out of memory.
Metric job fails when expression has an exponential value
IAAdmin -create/-update command throws Null Pointer Exception .

Fix ID
Modify cluster.jacl within suite installer to start WebSphere Application Server cluster with ripple start instead of plain start

Information Services Director
Fix ID
In the ISD View Services Catalog page, the top right hand corner links to Home | Information Services Catalog are incorrect
Enable and disable operations do not work properly after restart of ASB Agent

Information Server Framework
Fix ID
ASB Agent Startup exhausts sessions if the Agent port is already in use.
Remove the need for WebSphere monitor role grant to 'ALL AUTHENTICATED' and 'EVERYONE' groups
Change to allow CORBA ALL AUTHENTICATED to be read only after install completes.
When configured for PAM and multiple users have the same UID in PASSWD file, only one of these users is shown in Web Console
Enable and disable operations do not work properly after restart of ASB Agent
Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities in Information Server Web Console
Large IA reports contain corrupt output when format type is XLS
IS Installation, UUI and AppServerAdmin -db fail on for certain versions of WebSphere.
** If you obtained 9.1.2 upgrade via Fix Central download after 12/5/2013, via the full suite install image on Passport Advantage after 12/10/2013, or via physical media ordered after 1/2/2014, then APAR JR48433 is included. Otherwise JR48433 is not included.

Information Server Tools
Fix ID
When two or more DataStage servers using different port number are connected to Information Server, the Information Server Manager selects the wrong port number and causes failure in import, export and deployment.
Information Server Manager has problems accessing the repository when two DataStage engines are running on the same server.

Metadata Asset Manager and Metadata Integration
Fix ID
Error when importing Data Models after installing 91Fp1
Correct the TypeCode for numeric and number data type.
ODBC Metabroker Oracle Privileges
Import from BOBJ generates incorrect report name for Desktop-Intelligence reports using Repository based bridge.
Error importing Leap Data
Cognos Import Issues in 8.4
IMAM ODBC MB fails to import DB2 DSN
Error Previewing large data thru IMAM when SQL Server is XMETA DB
IEM: ODBC import fails with 'unknown error', when importing metadata from DB2 on zOS while processing foreign keys.
OBI Server Bridge creates Alias instances without mandatory relationship to MainObject
Import of an LDM file into XMETA repository using IMAM / MBB fails due to invalid attributes.

Metadata Workbench
Fix ID
Metadata Workbench stitching message from CLI is incorrect
Support for data Lineage to be shown for "Before/After SQL Statements in DataStage Jobs. (9.1)
DBCS query string is broken when a custom query is saved with "publish query" option.
Relationship between Report or Report Field and Database Table or Column not displayed
CSV export output fields formatted incorrectly
Error parsing SQL statements from DS Job and DB View
PROCESSENVVARIABLES.SH fails when the env variables value is greater than 255 characters
Database tables written in user defined SQL. table name property value in DataStage are not showing up in the data lineage of the job
Loading of a report of the same name as existing repot to a new BI Server and Folder moves the report to new location
Tem History results are not sorted correctly
Enhancement to support lineage for DataStage jobs with write mode - UPDATE
istool workbench query command is failing while running the query throws an error when run on Unix
Column level Lineage also returns results from Table
Lineage Report Error, out of memory
DBCS characters are corrupted in PDF files generated by "Save text" in Metadata Workbench.
Cannot include DB Views within Extension Mapping Documents

Metadata Common Services
Fix ID
Duplicate ClassDescriptors are created when using IS 9.1 on Oracle

Fix ID
Standardize NYSIIS not handling single 'S' and 'Z' properly
Error 52 (bad file name or number) when opening the Match Designer

XML Pack
Fix ID
Assembly Editor Display issue on the polish machine that is configured to be in English.
The value of @@choiceDiscriminator is wrong in Parser output

Migration, Backup, and Restore Tool
Fix ID
SRD tasks get executed when no Quality Stage is installed
backup_database.bat fails on Windows systems that cannot handle paths with mixed separators, i.e. C:\foo/bar\test/

Serviceability & ISALite
Fix ID
ISALite General Health Checker fails on Solaris 8.7
ISALite General Health Checker returns erroneous configuration errors for Tests CDIHC1025i or CDIHC1013i in some situations from WebSphere Application Server 6.1 or above.

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