Maximo Everyplace Workflow Input Nodes Not Displaying

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Workflow input dialog box is not displayed when application is set to Is Mobile? =Y


Mobile enabled Everyplace application is not showing the work flow manual nodes as setup in the work flow

Steps: Using Work order as the example
1. Create new application WOTRACK2 by duplicating WOTRACK and
check the 'is mobile?' checkbox.
2. Create new workflow WOWF on work order object
3. Add Manual Input3 node and another stop4
4. Connect Node(positive action) from start1 to input3, from
input3 to stop2, from input3 to stop4
5. Double click input node, put action WO APPR for stop2 and
action WO CANCEL for stop4
6. Save, enable then active the WF
7. From select action > add workflow to applications > make sure
both wotrack and wotrack2 is checked for add support checkbox >
8. Log out & log in again
9. Go to WOTRACK2 > create new work order, save then route
10. MSG : Record has been saved  > click ok
11. MSG : Process WOWF started > click ok

after step# 11 nothing happened. if you do step# 9 to 11 from
wotrack application, you will see manual input dialog for next
action selection.

Resolving the problem

This issue has been resolved by APAR IV32545

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