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Server upgrade wizard uses incorrect ip address

Technote (troubleshooting)


A Tivoli Storage Manager server upgrade from V5 to V6 is performed over the network. Both the V5 and V6 servers have 2 networks. The extractdb process uses the address from the undesired network


After initiating the upgrade operation via the graphical wizard, a "ps -ef" command run on the source server (AIX in this instance) shows an extractdb operation using the ip address of the target server from the secondary network. For example :

/usr/tivoli/tsm/upgrade/bin/dsmupgrd EXTRACTDB HLADDRESS=xx.xx.xx.xx LLADDRESS=1500

In the extractdb command, the HLADDRESS parameter uses the ip address of the secondary network interface on the target V6 server.


The upgrade wizard will use the ip address returned by the operating system.

Resolving the problem

Configure the target operating system running the Tivoli Storage Manager V6 server instance to return the ip address of the appropriate network. Alternatively, perform the insert and extract operations manually. For example, for V5 and V6 servers running on AIX, do as follows :

  1. Run the Instance Configuration wizard (dsmicfgx) on the new machine to configure the V6 instance.
  2. Once configured, stop the instance.
  3. Start the insert db process on the new V6 machine with :

    nohup /opt/tivoli/tsm/server/bin/dsmserv insertdb sesswait=60 >insert.out 2>&1 &

    Use the tail -f insert.out command to monitor the progress of the insert operation.
  4. On the old machine running the V5 server, start the extract process with :

    nohup /usr/tivoli/tsm/upgrade/bin/dsmupgrd extractdb hladdress=xx.xx.xx.xx lladdress=1500 >extract.out 2>&1 &

    Replace xx.xx.xx.xx with the ip address of the appropriate network interface you wish to use for the new V6 server.
    Use the tail -f extract.out command to monitor the progress of the extract operation.

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