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Increasing the Fastback DR timeout value

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How can the Fastback DR timeout value be increased to allow more time for the DR Hub to reply to a request?


APAR IC85828, introduced in version 6.1.7 and above, allows users to configure a DR timeout value. This can be configured to allow more time for the DR Hub to reply to the request.


Below are the instruction to enable the configurable timeout:

1.Create a file called mpi.ini in the Fastback server 'dr' directory:

"C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\FastBack\dr"

Add the following to the contents of the file:


(The ### is the timeout value in seconds. If this file does not exist, the default timeout value is 900 seconds.)

Note: For issues regarding the the MinTimeToWaitInSec values the following steps are suggested (See related APAR IC99633):

1. Perform FAST BACK Upgrade to FIX Level(s)
2. Create mpi.ini file in "C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\FastBack\dr" with the following entry:
MinTimeToWaitInSec= 10800
MinTimeToWaitInSec= 14400

Related information

APAR IC99633
APAR IC85828

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TSM FSBK hub dr

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