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IBM Rational Performance Tester 8.3 Majordomo configuration file explained

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What do the individual lines in the Majordomo configuration file mean of the IBM Rational Performance (RPT) agent?


You need to modify the Majordomo configuration file to enable Workbench - Load Generation Agent communication.


Below is the structure of the Majordomo configuration file (Windows).

  1. <MajordomoConfig xmlns="">
  2. <debug>true</debug>
  3. <hostName><name of workbench machine or IP></hostName>
  4. <port>7080</port>


  • LINE 1
    Example domain.

  • LINE 2
    When you change the value "false" to "true, the majordomo service creates and continuously polls the workbench. See line 3. The service logs the polling results in the log file majordomo.log. The log's location is C:\Windows\Temp\System.

    Any change to this file does not require stopping and restarting the majordomo service program. Changes to this file are immediately effective.
    This log file contains information as to why a connection to the Workbench fails.

  • LINE 3
    Hostname <name of workbench machine or IP> represents the name of the Workbench computer or its IP address. Preferably, you enter the Workbench computer name.

  • LINE 4
    The TCP port number to be used for communication. Default is 7080. When you change this port number, make sure that IBM Rational Performance Tester is put in sync with this new port.

    Click Window > Preferences > Test and Server.

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