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Data Source Unavailable !

Technote (troubleshooting)


Unable to create External Excel File Data Source. After 'browsing' to 'Select File', the user receives the above error.



2013-06-06 17:42:31,490 [14] ERROR Ibm.CognosDM.Services.Exceptions.CdmErrorHandler - (null) ExceptionToken: 6ec82987-9939-415d-95ca-fde24a865792 ? ? ? Ibm.CognosDM.DataSources.DataSourceUnavailableException: Connectiong to data sources with Windows Authentication is disabled
at Ibm.CognosDM.BusinessLogic.ExternalData.DataSources.DataSourceImpersonator.RunUnderWindowsCredentials[T](Func`1 func)
at SyncInvokeGetCanConnectToExternalExcelFile(Object , Object[] , Object[] )
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.SyncMethodInvoker.Invoke(Object instance, Object[] inputs, Object[]& outputs)
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.DispatchOperationRuntime.InvokeBegin(MessageRpc& rpc)
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.ImmutableDispatchRuntime.ProcessMessage5(MessageRpc& rpc)
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.ImmutableDispatchRuntime.ProcessMessage31(MessageRpc& rpc)
at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.MessageRpc.Process(Boolean isOperationContextSet)


CDM 10.2.x.xxxx

Excel Data Source

Resolving the problem

Ensure that the CDM application can access the External Excel File.

For CDM 10.2.0, edit the CDM.config
For CDM 10.2.1, edit the CREDENTIALS.config

Edit the config file with a user that can access the file (ie like a domain admin or Service Acct with admin rights to where the Excel file is).

1. Navigate to the CDM installation directory: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\CognosDM-Server\Config
2. Edit the CDM.config file
3. <WindowsAuthentication>
<DataSourcesCredentials enabled="true" userName="domain\username" password="userpswd" />
<ActiveDirectoryImportCredentials enabled="true" userName="" password="" />

Document information

More support for: Cognos Disclosure Management
Cognos Disclosure Management

Software version: 10.2, 10.2.1

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1640025

Modified date: 2013-07-03