"BMXAA3512E - Result set exceeds maximum allowed count of [#] for this report. Please narrow your result set..."

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Why do I see "BMXAA3512E - Result set exceeds maximum allowed count of [#] for this report. Please narrow your result set and request report again." when I try to execute reports immediately from any Maximo application?


There is a limit for records which can be limited for any given report to run against. If this limit exceeds what is specified for the report in Report Admin application, the user will get the following warning:

The limit is controlled by the "Max Record Limit" setting outlined as follows (which must also be enabled by checking "Limit Records" field):

If you set this number to be too high, such as 50,000 , or higher, you will overload your server and the report may crash. Especially if you do not schedule it, but run the report immediately. In this case, it makes sense to schedule reports to run in the background. Test with a more reasonable number in the hundreds, perhaps, and see if this works out better. It is a trial and error. There is no exact number that will work for everyone. Some servers have more, and some servers have less resources; Therefore, it all depends on these factors. Again, it is a trial and error process.

Once this setting it enabled and set, the user must save it in the Report Administration application, and re-run the report. The warning will go away, as long as the records to be executed against are within the specified limit (and not over).

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