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FAQ for End of Service IBM Cognos 8.4.1

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Listed below are questions that arose during the IBM Cognos 8.4.1 End of Service webinars plus important email addresses and URLs.


If you have additional questions, please email You can also keep up to date with End of Service news by following the BA Support Twitter feed - @IBMAnalyticsSup.

  • - Question: Does the AVP Upgrade bridge apply to Cognos Planning 8.4.1?

    Answer: Yes, it does. It is applicable to both BI and Planning 8.4.1.

  • - Question: Does the AVP Upgrade Bridge cover Cognos BI Metrics Studio?

    Answer: Metrics is part of the Cognos BI family, therefore Cognos BI Metrics 8.4.1 is also covered.

    Likewise other products such as Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel (CAFE) are also covered.

    For a full explanation of end of service/end of support you can always check the page listed below. Note that Cognos Analysis for Microsoft Excel is explicitly mentioned.

    End of Service Page link

    Policy type legend
    O = not an IBM lifecycle and no extensions available
    S = standard lifecycle - 3 + 2
    E = enhanced lifecycle - 5 + 3

  • - Question: Do we need to upgrade to Cognos 10.1 first?

    Answer: No, you do not need to go through a phased upgrade.

  • - Question: What is the cost of a service extension?

    Answer: We cannot address individual client scenarios today. It is recommend you reach out to your IBM Account Manager, Upgrade Services or the AVP team for expert advice and guidance. (Please refer to the Emails section of this document for contact information).

  • - Question: If we encounter issues when upgrading, will IBM help and what if we fall out of that 6 month window for the AVP service extension?

    Answer: We will continue to work any existing service requests (PMRs) to conclusion. The ability to renew service extensions, or the AVP Bridge should be directed to the appropriate team(s) – see email contacts below.

  • - Question: Will my Series 7 PowerCubes, authentication source, etc... work in Cognos 10?

    Answer: IBM has made the transition as easy as possible for existing PowerCube and PowerPlay users. PowerPlay was ported onto the Cognos 8 platform; PowerPlay Studio is the re-branding of PowerPlay web on the Cognos 8/ Cognos 10 platform. Your investment in PowerCubes is fully protected and PowerCubes can be leveraged across Cognos 10 (i.e. not just in PowerPlay Studio.)

    IQD files continue to be supported in order to build PowerCubes, see:
    Cognos BI 10.2 Software Environments

    Series 7 version 4 IQD files are supported in 10.2. Additionally, we can continue to leverage your Series 7 namespace.

    If you plan to use an older version of the Series 7 namespace when you upgrade to Cognos 10, then we recommend that you upgrade to version 16.0 of the namespace in your existing environment first. Then test that namespace upgrade in the existing environment in isolation. Then, when testing is completed successfully move on to the rest of the upgrade.

  • - Question: If we upgrade to Cognos 10, will we need to buy new hardware?

    Answer: If you want to take advantage of some additional features of Cognos 10, this potentially might be your decision. However, it is impossible to predict without knowing the specifics of an application. Cognos experts are available to help guide in this and other upgrade regards.

  • - Question: What happens to our existing Cognos 8 Go! Dashboard dashboards?

    Answer: As you know, the term “dashboarding” means different things to different people. Your likeliest equivalent is Cognos Workspace for self-service dashboards.

    For a detailed and close up look at the options for dashboarding in Cognos 10 , please visit this page:

  • - Question: What about conformance differences between Cognos 8 and Cognos 10?

    Answer: As you would expect, there are indeed differences; please check our conformance pages for the latest news. See below:
    Cognos BI 10.2 Software Environments

  • - Question: Can you give us some guidance on the fact that Cognos 8.4.1 is 32-bit, or rather more hybrid 32- and 64-bit, versus Cognos 10.2 which is full 64-bit?

    Answer: There are some components of Cognos 10.2 that remain 32-bit, for example -
    • IBM Cognos Transformer (UNIX and Linux utility for building PowerCubes)
    • IBM Virtual View Manager
    • Framework Manager (Windows only)
    • IBM Cognos BI for Microsoft Office (Windows only)
    • IBM Cognos Transformer (Windows modeling tool)
    They can be installed into their own 32 bit directory – or on their own computer.

    The 64-bit version of Cognos 10.2 brings its own advantages, including access to features such as the in-memory aspects of Dynamic Query.

  • - Question: Where can I get more upgrade advice?

    Answer: Please visit Upgrade Central Website (see the end of this document for the URL) and attend the Upgrade webinar to engage the upgrade experts.
    We understand that some clients will take longer than others to upgrade, due to the complexity of their environment, or of their application. The Service Extensions are designed to help clients manage this situation. Moreover, our Services division can help as they respect that each client is different. Some of you may be looking more for advice and guidance, and in help in formulating an upgrade project plan. Others may be looking for much more help from IBM. So, we have many different Cognos 10.x Upgrade services - all of these services are flexible and can be further customized - each one designed to fit your particular need.

    The Upgrade Assessment service provides a good start to get a high level view of what an Upgrade will entail.

    Upgrade Assessment Service 1-2 Day(s)
    • Discovery session to gather high-level information about your client’s upgrade, business priorities, complexities, and readiness
    • Upgrade Assessment Summary including high-level LOE estimate for upgrade planning
    Upgrade Planning Service Scope Driven
    • Assess and develop upgrade scope, approach, level of effort, resources and training that are required for your client’s upgrade
    • Results in an upgrade deployment plan, and will include an upgrade services SOW proposal customized to your client’s requirements.
    • Recommendations for the training steps necessary to support a successful upgrade process is also provided
    Upgrade Initiate Service Fixed - Fee Scope
    • Upgrade Pilot targeted at information transfer and client gaining experience in conducting upgrades
    • Establishes an Upgrade Environment, validates the selected content and reviews the outcomes
    • Introduction to new features & capabilities
    • Establishes Upgrade Environment
    • Upgrade & Validated Select Content
    • Cognos BI V10.1 or higher new features workshop
    • Go forward strategy recommendation
    Upgrade Advisor Service Block Hours
    • Remote Upgrade Advisors
    • Dedicated technical advisor responsible for guiding client through an upgrade
    • An extension of client’s technical team
    • Upgrade Advice and Guidance
    • Access to Proven Practices & Knowledge
    • Work with Support when issues occur (Upgrade PMRs)
    • Documented summary of actions taken and solutions

    In addition, you can get the right training at the right time from IBM Services too. We know our products, you know your business. We can deliver the expert training you need including:
    • A range of courses to suit your application, role and timeline
    • Flexible training formats including public or private classroom, instructor-led online, self-paced web based training and self paced virtual classes
    • Customizable enterprise learning products that provide unlimited use of training assets, so you can reach your large or widely disperse learning audience

  • - Question: I didn’t see the initial portal announcement for 8.4.1 – how do I get an “extension” to the 12 months so I can plan properly?

    Answer: Service Extension is the answer here: Service Extension and the AVP Upgrade Bridge.

  • - Question: It takes my company much more than a year to plan an upgrade. Why doesn’t IBM realize this and warn us 2 years in advance? It’s very frustrating.

    Answer: The IBM lifecycle policy is minimum of 12 months. We in Business Analytics have heard from our customers on this matter and we are looking into how we might provide more notice for future releases.

  • - Question: What about an extension for Cognos BI 8.4.0 – that is what my company is running.

    Answer: A Service Extension does already exists for Cognos BI 8.4.0.

  • - Question: Is end of service also end of support?

    Answer: Yes. It is not end of life, however. End of service is version specific – i.e. no longer supporting from a technical Point of View for a given release (unless service extension in play).

    The product is deprecated and no future versions or enhancements are possible.

  • - Question: If we upgrade to Cognos 10 – when will that version go out of service? How long can we use it?

    Answer: Cognos 10 will conform to the standard end of service policy – which is that Products will be supported for a minimum of 5 years post General Availability (GA).

  • - Question: IBM Cognos 8.4.0 did not have these lifecycle issues did it?

    Answer: Management of Cognos BI 8.4 end of service was a period of transition into IBM release and software lifecycle for us; we are now fully adopting IBM lifecycle policies.

  • - Question: What about product bundles such as Tivoli or Maximo?

    Answer: We honor the end of service date of the PARENT product, for example Tivoli Common Reporting, but for use in that bundle only.

  • - Question: Do I need to renegotiate licenses for Cognos 10?

    Answer: Your existing licenses apply; there is no need to re-negotiate.

  • - Question: If I am upgrading from 8.4.1 to Cognos 10 and I do uncover a problem, will you continue to help post end-of-service?

    Answer: Yes. As noted in the webinar, if you are in process of upgrading to Cognos 10, you are covered if:
    - This is a true "lift and shift" - i.e. the existing application(s) is being upgraded "as is".
    - The documented methodology is being followed.
    - There is no attempt to do additional migration work, e.g. from classic query to dynamic query as part of the "upgrade" process.

  • - Question: What happens if I run into an issue in our existing Cognos 8.4.1 environment that is not related to upgrading?

    Answer: After September 30, 2013 you will need to have a Service Extension in place to continue to receive support for Cognos 8.4.1.

  • - Question: Where do I go to get an overview of the IBM Software Support Lifecycle?

    Answer: See the attached document for an overview of the IBM Software Support Lifecycle.


Important email addresses – for all outstanding Support questions related to End of Service of Cognos 8.4.1 - to contact the BA Accelerated Value programme team directly - to contact the Cognos Services team re: upgrade engagements.

Important URLs

Business Analytics Client Center

Software Support Portal

Best practices for Upgrading to IBM Cognos BI v10.2.1 webinar - Join us on November 13 at either 5 AM, 12 Noon, or 10 PM ET for this one hour presentation and discover the truth about upgrading from an organization that’s done it successfully, using a thorough, well-executed plan.

On-demand webinar - Best Practices in Upgrading to Cognos BI V10.2.1

Upgrade Central

Software environments (for Cognos BI 10.2)

Cognos Dashboards

Cognos Family
    IBM Cognos Insight. Personal analytics
    IBM Cognos Express. Designed for workgroups, midsize businesses, and de-partments to be up and running quickly.
    IBM Cognos Enterprise. Designed for the Enterprise (reporting, analysis, mod-eling, planning and collaboration) see -

To find information around Product version EOS dates go to:

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