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Unable to log into Business Viewpoint with BVC-AUT-0201 error

Technote (troubleshooting)


Unable to log into Business Viewpoint.

On screen error is:
Error: BVC-AUT-0201. Error during login.
Re-type user name and password.

From the BVServer.log file:
BVC-AUT-0202 Service error : BVS-GEN-0007 Failed to execute the GetSiteListHandler handler. BVS-EJB-8720 Unable to get the site list. Statement execution failed


There is a loss of connection with Business Viewpoint and the backend Business Viewpoint Store database. This can sometimes be attributed with the Database server that houses the Business Viewpoint Store being rebooted or the Database service being restarted, without a subsequent restart of the Business Viewpoint Service to reconnect.

Resolving the problem

Restart the Business Viewpoint Service

Document information

More support for: Cognos Business Viewpoint
Business Viewpoint

Software version: 8.4.1, 10.1, 10.1.1

Operating system(s): Linux, Windows

Software edition: All Editions

Reference #: 1639693

Modified date: 04 June 2013

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