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Interim Fix 2 for IBM Notes 8.5.3 Fix Pack 4 (

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Interim Fix 2 for IBM Notes 8.5.3 Fix Pack 4 ( is available for download from IBM Fix Central.


SPR Fix List

SPRs fixed in Notes Basic & Notes Standard clients
JMOY95BLM6 & JMOY95BN49 Security Vulnerability regarding Java applet and JavaScript tags inside HTML emails (technote 1633819)
NPEI96K82Q Security Vulnerability regarding PNG Integer Overflow (technote 1635878)
NPEI95BQLK Security Vulnerability regarding Passwords (technote 1636154)
PJOK959J24 * Security Vulnerability regarding IBM Notes Multi User Profile Cleanup service (technote 1633827)
SHEZ97GH6E * Some Windows-based applications stop working after installation of Notes 8.5.3 Fix Pack 4 or Notes 8.5.3 Fix Pack 4 Interim Fix 1

*Note: SPRs SHEZ97GH6E and PJOK959J24 are W32 specific and thus will not be included in the Mac and Linux fixes.

SPRs fixed in Notes Standard clients only:

BJGY92GQ9T 853 Fix Pack 3 install fails after applying Fix Pack 2 then JVM security patch
JDAE8ZV2CX XPage With Java Design Element Breaks When Domino Designer opens after applying 8.5.3 Fix Pack 2 interim fix of any 853 Fix Pack 2/Fix Pack 3 hotfix
DMDD8YHPXE User installed widget are being erroneously un-installed
JMOY95H59S Security Vulnerability regarding Passwords (technote 1636154)
SHAH96LB8T ST Media functionality not working correctly after installing GoDaddy certificate
CLUG95GBZ6 Changing fonts in RTE does not work if no text is selected
JYLU8JKC94 Notes MIME mail crash at setURL() and org/eclipse/swt/internal/ole/win32/COM.VtblCall()
DCHR89Y5BF External Ie Window Launched By Notes Is Low Integrity
SHAH95AE6Y Avoid showing prompt for save password
PBAO8SFPD4 When using Lotus Notes 8.5.3 preferences very often screen disappears in the background
NCDL95RAZ2 Save chat transcript will cause the image or emoticon name with many '0' in the end.
MMAS95LPEX Names Do Not Show In Who Column Chat History View
SMOL962DCS Cisco Voice mails are not played if there is speaker device is available and not microphone
NCDL96V4YW Error when sending large emoticons
SJWG96S46G Security Bulletin: Vulnerability in Sametime Clients - Password can be found on the clear on client's memory (technote 1635218)

Note the following:
-- Notes Standard-only SPRs are not included in the Linux Interim fix as the fix consists of binary files.
-- Fixes for SPRs BJGY92GQ9T and JDAE8ZV2CX are built into all 8.5.3 Fix Pack Interim Fixes (hotfixes)

Fix & Download Information

Standard Configuration
Fix Central ID
Download link & file name
Once installed, hotfix version will appear as

See "Linux install instructions" below

Basic Configuration
Fix Central ID
Download link & file name
Once installed, hotfix version will appear as

(Note: The hotfix number for the revised Interim Fix is 853FP4SHF39. The hotfix number for the retracted Interim Fix was 853FP4SHF33)


Linux install instructions

NOTE: The Linux Interim Fix does not include a hotfix installer. The Interim Fix (853FP4IF2_Linux_BinaryFiles.rar) consists of a includes the following binary files that can be overlayed on top of an existing 8.5.3 Fix Pack 4 Notes Standard client on Linux.
  • lnotes
  • lnotes_ut

Install Instructions:
1. Exit Notes client.
2. Back up the binary files in Notes program directory. (default directory is /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/)
3. Copy the new Binary files from hotfix in Note program directory. (default directory is /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/)
4. Give executable privilege to these binary files. (for example, give executable privilege to "lnotes" by "sudo chmod +x /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/lnotes")
5. Start Notes client.

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