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WSRR: Explanation of read-only property in Web UI

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In detail views definitions for the WSRR Web UI you may mark properties as being read-only. Below is an explanation of the behaviour of properties marked read-only.


The read-only attribute in a web UI detail view is controlled by the read-only attribute of the property element. The default value is false.

<definition:property read-only="true">

For example:

<definition:property read-only="true">
<definition:property-message message-key="detail.view.SampleModel.field01" resource-bundle-name="sampResources"/>
<definition:field-help-message message-key="" resource-bundle-name="sampResources"/>


This defines a read-only attribute samp_field01.

Read-only properties are displayed but are not editable on the detail views for existing objects.
Until APAR IV38416 was introduced, read-only properties were not displayed on the create page for new objects.
After IV38416, read-only properties can be set on the create page for new objects. This is vital when an object defines a mandatory property and it is marked as read-only in the detail view.

Note that the read-only property attribute only applies to a specific detail view in the Web UI. None of the WSRR APIs, nor the Businses Space UI are affected by the read-only attribute and they will not enforce the read-only nature of the property.

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