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Can you create SLO per resource instead of per KQI?


Yes, you can create SLO per resource.

The method is to use the "tag" attribute under the "rule" attribute to specify the resource name.

When evaluating the SLO for a resource, the rule to be used is chosen by matching the resource tag(s) against the SLO rule(s).

Hence, you can specify multiple rules for different resources under the SLO for a particular KQI model using different tags.


<sqmSlo kqiModelName="IBM_TEST" kqiRollupLevel="SUBPACKAGE_TYPE" aggregationAlgorithm="None">
<key name="TEST_KEY"/>
<rule name="rule1" priority="1" tags="resource1" violationExpression="value &gt; 50" warningExpression="value &gt; 45"/>
<rule name="rule2" priority="2" tags="resource2" violationExpression="value &gt; 2" warningExpression="value &gt; 1"/>

However, it is always advisable to group as many resources under a similar tag and rule as possible to avoid redundancy. For example, if you need to distinguish a group of resources as resources in a particular city, then you can consider creating a tag using the city name and group all the relevant resources under that tag. Then, assign the tag to a rule that is shared among those resources.

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4.1.3, 4.1.4

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AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris

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