Configuring WebSphere Appliance Management Center after the expiry of the IBM DataPower certificates on 9235 appliances with firmware levels before version

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Following the expiry of IBM DataPower certificates that are used by default to secure the Web GUI and XML manager on 9235 appliances that are running firmware levels before version, what do I have to do to configure WebSphere Appliance Management Center to manage these appliances?


The default certificates that are used to secure access to the Web GUI and the XML manager on 9235 appliances that are running firmware levels before version expired in June 2013. The problem is described in detail in this technote entitled DataPower default WebGUI certificate is expiring or expired; an internal DataPower CA certificate is expiring or expired.


The following solutions are available for this problem:

    - Upgrade to the June 2013 release, or later, of WebSphere Appliance Management Center for WebSphere Appliances. This release allows expired certificates to be accepted by WebSphere Appliance Management Center for WebSphere Appliances. You can use your appliance in the same way as any other appliance and no further changes are required.

    - The problem described does not exist in firmware at version and later. Upgrade to the latest version of firmware that is available for your appliances.

    - Secure access to the XML manager with your own certificate by completing the following steps :
    1. Navigate to Control Panel -> Network -> Management -> XML Management Service.
    2. Click the Advanced tab.
    3. Choose an existing SSL Proxy Profile or create a new SSL Proxy Profile with the corresponding certificate as the "Custom SSL Proxy Profile" for the XML Management Service.
    4. Create a truststore for WebSphere Appliance Management Center as documented in the WebSphere Appliance Management Center Information Center.

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