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Executing a second report opens Start Center in Birt report viewer

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A Maximo user executes a Birt report and the output appears in the Birt Report Viewer. If the user runs another report, without first closing the viewer window or tab, the user sees the Start Center appear in the viewer window as opposed to the report output.


In order for this situation to occur a BROS (Birt Report Only Server) must be in use. If your environment does not utilize a BROS then this document will not apply.

Steps to replicate
- run any report
- do not close viewer window/tab (note the url is the BROS server url as it should be)
- run the same report, or a different report
- the same window/tab will be used but instead of showing the report output, you will be logged into maximo in the start center. (note the url will be the maximo ui url)

If the above is true, then you are experiencing APAR IV41872. The APAR was created specific to a Cognos issue but the issue is not limited to what is described in the APAR.

The issue is known to occur in versions 7.5.03 and 7.5.04. Development is working on a fix to be included in a future Fixpack. In the meantime, if you always close the report viewer you will not experience this issue.

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More support for: Maximo Asset Management

Software version: 7.5

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Reference #: 1639157

Modified date: 11 November 2017

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