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Getting error FNRCE0001E when closing IBM FileNet P8eForms

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to close P8eForm form in IBM FileNet WorkplaceXT or IBM Case Manager Client result in the following error:

FNRCE0001E: E_ACCESS_DENIED: The requester has insufficient access rights to perform the requested .


The following message may display on the screen when closing the form:

You have modified this form. Do you wish to close this from without saving your changes?

Click OK will generate the above error in the p8_server_error.log
Click Cancel will not generate the above error in p8_server_error.log


The Delete object right is not granted by default to non-administrative users.

Non-administrative users and groups get the following security levels:

  1. Use object store on the object store ACL.
  2. Modify Properties on the root folder (to a Workplace or WorkplaceXT user, the root folder represents the object store).
  3. View Properties and Create Instance on all classes.
  4. A Custom level on the Default Instance Security of document classes that includes View All Properties and Create Instance.

Each Security Level, in turns, is mapped to specific Access Rights.
For example, in FileNet Enterprise Manager, the Authenticated Users group is granted the Use object store Security Level which, in turns, is mapped the following Access Rights:
  • Connect to store
  • Create new objects
  • Modify existing objects
  • Delete objects

Resolving the problem

Steps to resolve:

  1. Launch FileNet Enterprise Manager (FEM)
  2. Expand the Object Stores folder
  3. Right-click on the object store and select Properties
  4. On the object store properties window, click Security tab
  5. Verify the #AUTHENTICATED-USERS group or the group that users belong to has the security Level "Use object store" and the following default Access Rights:
  • Connect to store
  • Create new objects
  • Modify existing objects
  • Delete objects

Refer to the IBM FileNet P8 5.1 Information Center for more details about the Object Store Access Rights

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Software version: 4.0.2

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Modified date: 30 May 2013

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