Why is my File Reputation Service URL blank when on a public network?

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Why is my File Reputation Service URL blank when on a public network?


The URL is blank in the Trend System Tray dashboard because the local Smart Protection Server is unavailable when on a public network.


If the endpoint is outside a private network and it can not communicate (route) with internal SPS resources the URL will be blank. If the endpoint is a roaming endpoint and moves between public and private network no change or configuration is necessary. These endpoints will use cached Smart Protection pattern information to scan when outside and download new SPS patterns when inside the private network.

However endpoints that do not roam and are based outside the private network should use Task: 108 'Core Protection Module - Enable Direct Connection to the Smart Protection Network' to enable a direct connection to the Trend Cloud. **This Task should be cautiously applied as endpoints configured in this manner will not use local SPS resources. This may create network bandwidth considerations when too many internal endpoints download SPS pattern information from the Internet (Trend Cloud).

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