Is there any documentation for the usage of the GentranAutomation.dll

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The extended rules of the contains references to GentranAutomation.dll, which is not documented in the Application Integration PDF.
What methods and properties does this DLL support?
Is there a separate documentation or white paper?


There is no whitepaper for this dll, as it is a limited class and is self documenting within the extended rules. The two methods not included in the current map are:

String GetGroupSndrID()
String GetGroupRevrID()

These functions are only relevant for the UNG segment.

The PopulateInformation(long IntID, BSTR FileType) method is called to initialize the object.

This method returns 0 if successful.

ob = createobject("GentranAutomation.GentranHelper");

nResult = ob.PopulateInformation(InterchangeID, sFileType);

Document information

More support for:

Sterling Gentran:Server for Microsoft Windows
Mapping and Translation

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5.2, 5.3

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All Editions

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