KFWITM393E User ID or password is invalid

Technote (troubleshooting)


After reinstalling TEPS , the TEP client/browser login fails for any user with error "KFWITM393E User ID or password is invalid"


TEP login fails with error : "KFWITM393E User ID or password is invalid"

The TEPS logs (*_cq_*.log) contains the error:
QL1 error 1007 = 'Error attempting to obtain logon info.'

The TEMS/HUB logs (*_ms*.log) contains the error:
Cannot decrypt test: decrypt cipher text is zero length


It means the encryption key used in TEPS and HUB are different, ie, the encryption key used during TEPS re-installation was not the same to the one used when HUB was installed

Resolving the problem

1. Backup the original "keyfiles" directory in TEPS

2. Copy the "keyfiles" directory from HUB to TEPS

3. Restart the TEPS

Now the TEP login will be successful .

Sometimes in windows platform, it is also needed to delete the TEPS2 data source:

1) After copying the keyfiles directory from the Hub TEMS to the TEPS, delete the TEPS2 data source and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Candle\KFW\CNPS\KFWSRV\Environment\DSCNPS2 registry key.

2) Recreate the TEPS2 data source using the <ITMHOME>\InstallITM\DB2DataSource.exe utility

3) Start the TEPS.

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