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RPM inspector. Permission issue

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The following error is displayed:

RPM child process error (from: PARENT type: ProtocolError file: c/ChildWorkerManager.cpp line: 284 debugInfo: (type:execError file:c/ChildWorkerManager.cpp line: 330 debugInfo: Permission denied))


In order to fix the problem, change/define the following three settings

1. Set the RPM Helper to not run on the system

_BESClient_Inspector_RPMDisableHelper value "1"

Type: Boolean
Platform: Linux
Default: 0
Requires Client Restart: NO
Description: Set to 1 to disable BES RPM helper child process.
Disabling the child will cause the client process to directly access the RPM database,exposing the client to risk of RPM-related deadlock.
This should always be set to 0 unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise.

2. Set also _BESClient_Inspector_RPMHelperIdleTimeout for a lower timeout

Type: Numeric
Platform: Linux
Default: 60000
Requires Client Restart: NO
Description: Idle timeout value in milliseconds for BES RPM helper child process.
The child will terminate after sitting idle for the timeout period.
A value of 0 specifies infinite timeout. Once an idle child has terminated, the RPM inspector will create a new child the next time it needs to access the RPM database.

3. Set _BESClient_Inspector_RPMHelperUser to be the username of the user you want to run the helper as

Setting is used verbatim with no validation other than the account must exist or it will error.
Account needs to be one of non privilege or the lock problem could still happen.
A restart is needed to get this setting to be accepted.

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Software version: Version Independent

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Reference #: 1638794

Modified date: 27 May 2013

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