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Receiving error message when saving an SPSS data file to a network drive

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I sometimes have problems to save a IBM SPSS Statistics data file (*.sav) to a network drive.
For example I get the below messages:

>Error.  Command name: SAVE
>Error opening a SPSS Statistics data file: \\network folder\user1\My Documents\SPSS files\test.sav: Permission denied (DATA1201)
>Execution of this command stops.

>Error # 1407
>Error when writing the dictionary to a new data file.

>Warning # 5322.  Command name: SAVE
>The attempt to save the data file has failed because the disk is full, an I/O
>error has occurred, the variable dictionary is invalid, or the task was

Resolving the problem

There can be various reasons for save problems to a network drive:

First make sure that the user who wants to save to a particular network drive have write and execute permissions on that particular network folder.
If the problem occur occasionally although the permission were granted save the file to a local drive and then try again to save to the network drive after a short wait time. Sometimes the save issue is caused by network performance delay when there is a lot of traffic.
Another possible reason for a save issue on a network drive can be caused by other application e.g. Anti-Virus software or firewalls. As a workaround stop these programs for a short time frame and try to save to the network again to see if the other software is causing the problem.

However, an enhancement request for receiving a more detailed error message when saving an SPSS data file to a network drive was submitted to IBM SPSS Development.
Reference ID: ECM00191719

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