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How To Determine What Fix-pack, CR and/or iFix Is Installed On IBM Connections



What Fix-pack(s), Component-refresh(s), and/or iFixes are installed in a given IBM Connections deployment?


There are several methods that can be used to determine what Fix-packs, Component-refresh(s), and/or iFixes are installed for IBM Connections:


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Show CR?

Show iFixes?




IMPORTANT NOTE: As of Connections 5.0, CRs are installed using the IBM Installation Manager. iFixes are still installed using the Update Installer. You can go into the Modify or Update sections of Installation Manager to see which CRs and iFixes have been installed:




  • Use the updateSilent.bat|sh script inside the <connectionsRoot>/updateInstaller/ directory to generate a list of the iFixes currently installed. These will include Component Refreshes (CRs) and iFixes:


    sh -fix -installDir <connections_root>


    Example 1:
    • localhost:/opt/ibm/Connections/updateInstaller # sh -fix -installDir /opt/ibm/Connections
      Start of [ ]
      Build 20131020_0747

      Attempting to locate

      [1]: -fix
      [2]: -installDir
      [3]: /opt/ibm/Connections
      System file encoding: UTF-8
      No encoding setting; leaving preset file encoding.
      Locating target class:
      Locating main method
      Building proper arguments
      Invoking main method
      Fix update specified
      Target product directory: /opt/ibm/Connections
      Copyright (c) IBM Corporation 2002, 2013; All rights reserved.
      IBM Connections
      Update Installer Version, Dated 10/20/13

      Listing installed fixes:
      Listing installed fixes:
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-Forums
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-Communities
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-Activities
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-Mobile
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-Blogs
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-Container
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-Profiles
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-Wikis
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-Search
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-Homepage
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-Files
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-Moderation
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-MobileAdmin
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-Bookmarks
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-Help
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-Metrics
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-Proxy
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-News
      Fix name: LO78429-IC4500-CR04-Common
      UpdateInstaller.puiReturnCode is 0
      End of [ ]

      Example 2:

      To get a list of iFixes, as an example on Windows O/S you can open a CMD prompt and run these:

      cd C:\IBM\Websphere\AppServer\bin\

      cd C:\IBM\Connections\updateInstaller\
      updateSilent.bat -fix -installDir "C:\IBM\Connections" > %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\List_iFixes.txt

      Then locate the List_iFixes.txt file on the user Desktop

      So it is important to note that you need to navigate to the directory containing setupCmdLine.bat to set the WAS_HOME env variable

    Refer to this URL for more information on using the UpdateInstaller in silent-mode:







  • Access the about.jsp of an IBM Connections Application via a web-browser & view the build-number displayed at the bottom of the page. Then compare-it to the table within this TechNote:



    Product version: Component Refresh: Build-number:
    IBM Connections 6.0   IC6.0_Integration_20170314-1248
      Day 1 Fix IC6.0_SUPPORT_Integration_20170328-1010
      Update June 2017 IC6.0_SUPPORT_Integration_20170605-0922
      CR1 IC6.0_CR_Integration_20171116-0701
      CR2 IC6.0_CR2_Integration_20180606-0834
      CR3 IC6.0_CR3_Integration_20180926-1852
    IBM Connections 5.5   IC5.5_Integration_20151204-1501
      CR1 IC5.5_CR_Integration_20160515-0614
      CR2 IC5.5_CR_Integration_20161104-1801
      CR3 IC5.5_CR_Integration_20170412-2240
      Day1 Fix Check the {ConnectionsInstallDir}/version/log directory for APARs LO87330 and LO87487.
      February Update Check the {ConnectionsInstallDir}/version/log directory for APAR
    LO87626. The Day1 APARs should be there as well.
    IBM Connections   IC30.0_201406xx-xxxx
      CR1 IC5.0_CR_HomepageNews_20141013-1730
      CR2 IC5.0_CR_HomepageNews_20150216-1730
      CR3 IC5.0_CR_HomepageNews_20150709-1730
      CR4 IC5.0_CR_HomepageNews_20160330-1730
      Day1 Fix IC30.0_HomepageNews_20140608-1800
      Day30 Fix IC30.0_HomepageNews_20140613-0801
    IBM Connections   4.5_201303xx-xxxx
      CR1 4.5_CR_201306xx-xxxx
      CR2 4.5_CR_201309xx-xxxx
      CR3 4.5_CR_201311xx-xxxx
      CR4 4.5_CR_201403xx-xxxx
      CR5 4.5_CR_201407xx-xxxx
    IBM Connections   4.0_09072012
      CR1 4.0_CR_201209xx-xxxx
      CR2 4.0_CR_201212xx-xxxx
      CR3 4.0_CR_201303xx-xxxx
      CR4 4.0_CR_201305xx-xxxx
    Lotus Connections *   LC3.0.1_FP_201202xx
      CR1 LC3.0.1_201204xx-xxxx
      CR2 LC3.0.1_201206xx-xxxx
      CR3 LC3.0.1_CR_201208xx-xxxx
    *IMPORTANT NOTE: Lotus Connections reached end of support on April 30, 2016 as documented here:







  • Each Application of IBM Connections logs its build-number to the SystemOut.log file of the WebSphere Application Servers hosting it. Locate messageID WSVR0203I, which yields the build-number of the Application & then compare to the table in this TechNote to determine what Component Refresh (CR) you have installed.

    • [4/17/14 16:08:54:819 EDT] 00000025 ApplicationMg A WSVR0203I: Application: Communities Application build level: [SNC4.5_CR] 20140306-0115
      [4/17/14 16:09:20:670 EDT] 00000026 ApplicationMg A WSVR0203I: Application: Activities Application build level: [OA4.5_CR] 20140305-1337
      [4/17/14 16:09:22:117 EDT] 00000024 ApplicationMg A WSVR0203I: Application: Forums Application build level: [SNF4.5_CR] 20140305-1410
      [4/17/14 16:09:48:926 EDT] 00000025 ApplicationMg A WSVR0203I: Application: Blogs Application build level: [BLOGS4.5_CR] 20140305-1300
      [4/17/14 16:09:49:259 EDT] 00000026 ApplicationMg A WSVR0203I: Application: Common Application build level: [SNB4.5_CR] 20140305-1108


You can also determine the CR level by searching on WALTZ and SONATA for entries such as the following:

CLFRK0002I: WALTZ - Release: Version 4.5, Revision 20130117.1536
CLFRO0149I: SONATA - Release: Version 4.5, Revision 20130117.1538




What About IBM WebSphere Application Server?

To determine what Fix-packs and/or iFixes are installed for IBM WebSphere Application Servers, use the versionInfo.bat|sh script described in the InfoCenter:


  • ./ -fixpacks -iFixes


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